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Today there are many websites that offer advice on different aspects of all types of relationships and whilst many people may think they do not need advice, for almost all there will be a time when they do. One of those times is when a girl breaks up with a guy but the guy really wants that girl and no other. One of the websites which can help with that particular problem is

That website and others like it give advice on the best way to win back an ex-girlfriend as doing it without advice can often be troublesome and unsuccessful. The first thing that a guy should realize if he gets dumped by his girlfriend is that winning her back will be no easy matter and so if it is just the female company they miss, they may be better off pursuing a different girl as that is often easier to accomplish. In order to win an ex back a guy will certainly have to make alterations in their lifestyle or manner and if the guy wants the relationship to last, if he wins her back, then he will have to be prepared to make those changes permanent.

Some guys do not realize the complexities in winning an ex back and keeping her and so they just beg the girl to come back to them. The problem with that strategy is though, even if it does work it will probably only be temporary and the girl will soon leave him again. Apparently, girls lose respect for a guy if he has to resort to begging in order to win her back and so although she may initially take him back due to pity or sympathy, the loss of respect will remain and they will once again dump the guy.

Instead of begging some guys have opted to stalk the ex whilst looking for an opportunity to make his play in getting her back but that too is a big mistake. If a girl suspects she is being stalked, she will be upset and this is one upset which they will not forgive and so the guy would have lost all chances of winning her back; ever.

The websites which give advice on winning an ex back will often provide several sets of strategies to follow and the guy should choose the correct one for their specific circumstances in order for them to be successful. The different sets of strategies will usually be in step by step stages and which one to use will depend on the reason why the girl dumped the guy. Note though, it will depend on the real reason the girl dumped the guy which is often different from the reason they give the guy and so the guy must look back carefully at their relationship and determine for themselves what the real reason was. If the guy does get the real reason correct and therefore follows the correct strategy, they will then have the best chance of being successful.