Motivation for Bodybuilding

Although many people may undergo bodybuilding exercises and diets just to look good on the beach, others do bodybuilding as a sport and enter into competitions. The first competition held for bodybuilding took place in 1901 in London’s Royal Albert Hall. It is the competitive factor that motivates many bodybuilders but if you review bodybuilding motivation, you will see that it may have been much higher if, the 2000 bid to have it entered as an Olympic Sport had been successful. Even though bodybuilding has not yet been accepted as an Olympic sport, there is an increasing number of people that take up bodybuilding and if that popularity continues to grow, it may well one day be accepted by the Olympic committee.

Bodybuilding as a sport is no less easy than any other sport and so it needs intense training and a strict diet, similar to the regimes that weight lifters have to undergo. Weight lifting is the main form of exercise that bodybuilders take part in and they have to ensure that all their different muscle groups are exercised regularly to ensure that they grow proportionately. Due to time and energy limitations though, it is impossible for a bodybuilder to exercise all their muscle groups in just one training session and so, many of them use what is known as a 80% training program. With this program the bodybuilder decides which two muscle groups need the most attention at that time and then spend 80% of their training session, using those two muscle groups. The other 205 of the training session can be evenly split between all the other muscle groups to keep them toned.

As well as exercising regularly, a bodybuilder also has to watch their diet very carefully. A bodybuilder’s diet is not concerned with losing weight; it is more concerned with ensuring that the bodybuilder has enough energy and nutrients to successfully complete the exercise regime. To ensure they have enough energy to complete the training session, a bodybuilder should eat a meal just before embarking on the exercises. Then, after the exercises are finished, they should eat again to ensure that the muscles have enough nutrients to allow them to grow. Many people mistakenly believe that the more they exercise, the better it is for them but, that is not strictly true. It is true that the more exercise you do should assist you but, if you do not allow the body enough time between exercises to fully recoup, too much exercise can have negative results. It is therefore best to sleep between strenuous exercise programs to ensure that the body is fully recouped before starting again and to assist the body in recouping, you should perhaps eat another meal just before going to sleep. Many bodybuilders, to ensure that they receive adequate nutrients to afford healthy muscle growth, will add dietary supplements to their meals and by ensuring that they are taking enough nutrients; that too can assist the body in more rapid recuperation.