Pain Relief Products

For many years there has been a wide assortment of pain relief products available, all with differing degrees of effectiveness and all with their own prices. Unfortunately, all too often the ones which were most effective were the same ones which were, for many, financially prohibitive but today there is a pain relief product from American CBD which is both effective and reasonably priced.

The product referred to is CBD Muscle Cream which at least effectively offers relief for muscle pain at an affordable cost. The effective ingredient in this muscle cream is CBD or Cannabidiol to give it its proper name, which is found in some of the cannabinoids in the hemp plant. The hemp plant is, of course, better known to many as weed, cannabis or marijuana and is also better known for its use as a recreational drug which produces a high.

The high produced by marijuana though is not produced by the CBD content in the cannabinoids but instead is produced by the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in the cannabinoids. Although ever since the Ancient Egyptians used hemp for medical purposes 4000 years ago, it has been known that the hemp plant has beneficial health properties but it is only now that we have been able to separate the cannabinoids containing CBD from the cannabinoids containing THC and so it is only now that the health benefits offered by hemp can be fully utilized without the fear of adverse side-effects caused by the THC.

Although the CBD muscle cream has been specifically designed for relieving pain in muscles, other CBD products have been developed to give relief to other ailments like a CBD oil now being available to ease stress and stress-related ailments. Research is currently underway to try and discover if CBD or any other hemp components can offer relief to cancer patients or patients suffering from other illnesses or disorders.

Of course, it was the THC in hemp which gave it its bad reputation which caused most of the world to completely ban its use or growth but now that the THC can be isolated and therefore prevented from being in any medications, the full beneficial values of the hemp plant can, at last, be enjoyed without highs or another side –effects. This has prompted scientists to work on developing a strain of hemp which contains little or no THC but an abundance of CBD and they have already made some progress in this field, allowing helm to be grown for purely medical purposes, not for recreational use.

If the ban on hemp is lifted world-wide, it may also benefit the atmosphere as well as human health. It has been said that hemp is potentially the world’s most useful plant and this may be true as besides having known health benefits, it is also known that the bulk of the plant can be used to make products which are currently made from paper and in order to get paper, trees have to be cut down.